Emotion for Passion

Client work - Website redesign

A website redesign for an Italian based company that partners with small organic wineries around the world.

I was tasked with increasing customer engagement with the brand by simplifying the experience and message.

I redesigned the website, created illustrations, and learned a lot about wine along the way.

Problem Scope & Client Brief

The U.S. wine market

The demand for natural and organic wine in the U.S. is increasing drastically.  Most wineries that follow these practices are small family owned businesses that struggle to compete with large commercial operations.


Emotion for Passion aims to re-direct consumer attention to these small wineries by acting as the middle man between them and U.S. distributors. 


However, being a small company, Emotion for Passion struggles to gain consumer trust through their website and has seen a decrease in site traffic.


Gain the trust of US consumers and distributers

How could we engage with U.S. consumers and gain their trust? Solution: Education and a clear brand message in 3 key areas.

1. Emphasize the importance of the landing page by clearly               brands the companies key offerings.

  • Awareness

  • Impact

  • Biodiversity

2. Increase feature discoverability by decreasing clutter and               simplifying user flows.

3. Educate new users on the importance of these small family           owned wineries and their sustainable practices. 



The demand for natural and organic wine in the US increasing

Lo-Fi Wireframes and User Research

Auditing the original website uncovered consumer pain points and allowed me to identify opportunities for growth within the site.  I was able to achieve stakeholder buy-in by visually showcasing possible information architecture layouts and lo-fi wireframes. 

Frame 108.png

Landing Page 

Early on, it was decided to put an emphasis on the landing page after conducting design workshops with stakeholders. Together we agreed that the best way to eliminate the confusion our users were facing, was by clearly stating the brands three MVP features.

1. Impact - Customized experiences offered by Emotion for Passion

2. Awareness - The story of Emotion for Passion and where they saw a           gap in the market.

3. Biodiversity - An opportunity to discover 9 small family                                 owned wineries partnered with Emotion for Passion.

The addition of maps was important for the stockholders, they wanted 

each country represented directly after MVP features.


Impact was an exciting feature to build out to engage more closely with customers and increase customer retention rates. 

Emotion for Passion offers four experiences, Feel, Learn,

Explore, and Dive In.  Each experience offers a great educational experience for users. 

Covid19  inspired two virtual experience, Feel and Learn. These two offerings were implemented in hopes to remind people that they could

still explore and support small wineries from home.

These offerings are in the process of being launched.

Our Wineries

Visitors of the site are interested in discovering small wineries

that focus on the importance of their region and biodiversity. 

This page gives people the opportunity to learn about the land, grapes, and people that create these unique products. 

I was tasked with creating custom illustrations that symbolize the character of these wineries. Each winery has a personalized page dedicated to their story and their most popular products. 

Component Library

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