A mobile app built to create a personalized coffee shop experience for alternative milk drinkers.

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The Story

The concept of Stocked was born in January 2020 at a popular coffee shop in Boston, MA. Over the course of an hour, I noted multiple customers visibly frustrated at the lack of alternative milk options offered. 

This experience as a bystander opened up a large problem space for coffee drinkers that were under served by local and chain coffee shops across the country.


Sole UX/UI Designer

User Research, Design Strategy
Wireframing, Visual Design
Interaction Design, User Testing

Figma, Overflow, Illustrator

Time Frame
Jan-March 2020

Problem Scope

Over the past decade, the alternative milk industry has seen a large jump in sales due to the increased awareness and demand for these products. This shift in customer consumption is largely due to the health and environmental benefits 

associated with alternative milk.

However, coffee shops struggle to keep up with the demand and the wide range of alternative milk options on the market. Businesses want to reduce their risk by not investing in what they believe to be fads, despite evidence showing that they are here to stay. 

People who rely on alternative milks feel frustrated during their "coffee run" due to the lack of coffee shop offerings.


The Solution

The final solution is a native app designed to serve alternative milk drinkers through personalized features catered to enhancing the coffee run experience. 

High-level goals:

1. Improving the search-ability of coffee shop locations that meet customer needs.

2. Optimize the time it takes people to locate alternative milks in their area.

3. Mirror the coffee run experience of dairy drinkers - easy and enjoyable.

Business Opportunities  

This problem space offers a unique opportunity to target a growing customer voice within the milk industry. The non-dairy  movement offers businesses, especially small businesses, leverage to drive sales to their establishments by catering to this growing demand.


User Research

Defining Key Insights

Conducting 1:1 user interviews surfaced key insights that helped me better understand what the coffee run looks like from the perspective of alternative milk customers. 


Customers struggle to locate coffee shops that cater to their specific needs. This pain point is most common when a user is in a new location or with other people.


Customers struggle with the time it takes to determine which alternative milks coffee shops offer.



Coffee shops that offer an alternative milk option charge an additional fee. This fee ranges between $0.50 to $1.50 per beverage. 


Who makes up the alternative milk market? 

From the beginning it became clear that alternative milk drinkers fell into two clear categories: Necessity (Allergies) and Preference (Choice).

What fascinated me about this insight was that people with allergies have always existed. Gaining their perspective validated my key insights and future design decisions. 

Flows and Ideation

User Flows

I began by drafting user flows in order to anticipate different scenarios users might face at different stages of the coffee run (edge cases).


I tested these user flows alongside paper prototypes to help inform where pain points still occurred and where users dropped off.  Each user was given a different task to complete as I observed how they interacted with the flow. 

Tasks Included

  • Select more than one alternative milk and discover a location. (happy flow)

  • Utilize advanced filters.

  • Add a location to favorites.

  • Re-do a search.

  • Discover a location using both list and map view.

  • Write a review.

Main Take Away:


  • Users suffered from information overload and would benefit from an even

       more simplified experience. Users wanted to keep their mental model of other popular          food apps without the added distractions.

  • Advanced filters could benefit from a "nice to have" option: Laptop friendly, date friendly, etc..

Final Designs

Final Designs

Final screens focus on improving the coffee run through personalization.

Search, Explore, and Discover. 

Searching for Locations 

Users create a personalized Search based on their alternative milk needs and the location of their choice.  This page displays the five most common alternative milks. If there is an option that does not fit their needs, users can tap the +add button to select more options. 

Exploring Options 

Once the search is complete, users can Explore their options on the results page.  Results are displayed in a single row to eliminate congestion and information overload. The Filter feature allows users to increase their personalized experience

Discovering New Shops 

Users have the opportunity to Discover coffee shop locations that they love. Users are able to rely on customer reviews, add reviews, and add locations to their Favorites page.



My goal was to create an intuitive and visually appealing onboarding process that would hold users' attention after the apps initial download.

The onboarding consists of 5 key slides. Users are prompted to swipe left for a walkthrough of key features the app offers. Users have the option to skip the 

onboarding at anytime.



  • How many times a month do users access the app?​


  • How often do users create new searches?


  • How often do users save locations?

  • How does the app fare in low density areas? 

​I would like to investigate the need for a secondary user, allowing business owners to claim their establishment and engage with their customers.


How might we create partnerships with popular alternative milk brands to generate a profit for the app?

Success Metrics


Satisfaction - Users expressed that they would find the app beneficial on trips and even at home. New coffee shops open in their neighborhoods frequently.

Completion Rate - Users became more comfortable with the apps navigation with each iteration.

Promotion - A majority of users expressed they would recommend the app to others if built.

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