Well Hello!   

My name is Alessandra De Gregorio and I am a Fashion Designer turned UX Designer.


How are these fields related? Both disciplines are hyper focused on the people that make their products a reality.

My approach to design has always been to be tuned into my customers, their wants, needs and frustrations. Whether its for  a garment or an app, both products begin with a single idea and go through months of iterations, research and prototyping before entering the market. 

I love comparing success metrics with user feedback to fully understand where a product succeeded and where users experienced gaps within a product. 

I enjoy calling on my diverse background in design and applying it to UX practices. I bring with me a new perspective on how people think about the products they interact with and I look forward to growing as a UX designer.

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I am always looking forward to a new adventure. I have a long bucket list of places to visit, cultures to learn from, and cuisine to eat.

Strawberry Spoon Cake98.jpg

Sugar & Flour


You can find me in the kitchen baking while playing Schitt’s Creek in the background. I challenge myself weekly with recipes that introduce new techniques to my skill set.

Baked goods in the office, anyone?

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I grew up running track and cross country, and I enjoy keeping up a decent mile time.